Our Solution


Turnkey Asset Management Providers (TAMPs) allow independent wealth advisors to focus on client service while outsourcing time consuming services like research, portfolio construction, portfolio reporting, etc. Thus, TAMPs help their clients save costs and offer deeper client service.

In the US, between 2011-15, TAMPs grew 1200% from $147 billion to $1.75 trillion in AUM over 36 firms.

India represents a major (and virgin) opportunity - it is the 6th largest global economy and the fastest growing major economy. The Indian wealth management market is currently not served by any global and local TAMPs.

Unlike American TAMPs, we have the opportunity to leapfrog over legacy technologies and build a modern, fully digital and highly scalable TAMP to serve the Indian market.

Our Platform

Our platform creates value for our affiliate wealth advisors at every step of their business:

Client onboarding: electronic KYC helps clients avoid photocopying identification documents, submitting them to a regulated financial institution and verifying identity. Our system allows for fully digital client KYC without the need for extensive paperwork.

Fund analysis: we provide real-time analysis on thousands of funds and help wealth advisors make smart decisions for their client's specific needs. No need to pore through multiple websites and sift through marketing collateral to find actionable data.

Transaction: fully digital transaction platform for Indian mutual funds. Most mutual fund transactions are still done with paper forms resulting in additional costs for the Asset Management Company and the wealth advisor.

Reporting: no need to send paper portfolio reports or pdf documents that are outdated as soon as the market moves. We provide a live and comprehensive portfolio reporting solution.


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